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Register a company in Croatia with professional assistance. We cover various corporate solutions including accountancy and document preparation.

Accountancy in Croatia

If you have a company in Croatia, then you need to prepare annual financial statements on the activities of the company. Financial reporting, management report, and auditor’s report – we are ready to provide you with all these services for your business.


The specialists of our company will be glad to help you with bookkeeping in Croatia. We provide a comprehensive, quality service for you. We provide all types of audit services including, financial reporting, management report, and auditor’s report, as well as give a consultation.

Maintenance of financial accounting and reporting

Our company takes care of all the issues related to accounting, from the processing of primary documentation to the provision of all necessary reports to the regulatory authorities.

Support for statutory or internal audit

We provide statutory and internal audit service to any organization is one of the important aspects of business activity.

Preparation of annual reports

Every year the company must submit an annual report about their activities. It does not matter if you made a profit or not. Our company provides accounting services for enterprises in Croatia, which operate in various fields of activity.

Drawing up permanent reports on accounting documents

All organizations in Croatia are required to prepare financial statements based on synthetic and analytical accounting data. The financial statements are signed by the head and the chief accountant (accountant) of the organization. By law, tax reports are submitted to the regulatory authorities on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Management of company accounts

Management accounting is one of the key factors when discussing business programs, plans, and goals in large organizations. Management accounts are usually built from multiple income statements of the firm. Management reports are usually prepared monthly or quarterly.

HR payroll management

The goal of HR payroll management is to simplify HR management processes and save your time. Payroll and tax calculations are also included in the package.

Bookkeeping for business

Our company provides consultations and highly qualified accounting services, on issues of legislation and taxation. Our company offers full accounting support in Croatia.

Taxes in Croatia

Business organizations in Croatia are subject to two types of taxes: income tax and value-added tax.
Other taxes in Croatia that companies face are customs duties, real estate taxes, excise taxes and levy for social security.

Corporate income tax

In Croatia, both residents and non-residents of the country must pay corporate tax. The interest rate is different from 15% to 45% depending on income. Income tax is calculated taking into account the difference between income received during the year and expenses incurred for the same period. If we take local enterprises, then the tax rate on their profits will be 20%.

Withholding tax

Those who buy real estate in Croatia must pay this tax. It accounts for 5% of the total value of the real estate. Croatian commercial property is also taxed. The owner of this property pays. As with cottages, the tax depends on the area of the property. The amount of this tax is regulated by the settlement where the commercial real estate is located. When inheriting or donating tangible property, a Croatian resident is obliged to pay the corresponding tax. The rate for this tax is the same as 5%.

Value added tax

The VAT rate is uniform and amounts to 22%. There are some goods and services that are not subject to this tax. Services exempt from the burden of VAT include rental of residential apartments, services of banks and insurance agencies, gambling, medical services, educational work with children, the sphere of education and religious services.

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Financial reports

Companies operating in Croatia are required by law to file annual financial statements.
The filing of financial statements in Croatia is regulated by the Companies Act, the Accounting Act, and other regulations.
Croatian companies, whose shares are traded on the stock exchange, use International Financial Reporting Standards, but small and medium-sized businesses use national standards.


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