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Corporate solutions in Croatia

Register a company in Croatia with professional assistance. We cover various corporate solutions including accountancy and document preparation.

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Our company was formed to help our clients gain new opportunities for the development and prosperity of their business. We provide a full range of business services, such as company formation, accounting, tax advice, company liquidation, and more.

Professionalism, full responsibility, and a guarantee of the preservation of commercial secrets, combined with a friendly attitude and a creative approach to solving complex problems – that are the invariable foundation of the ethics of our specialists.
We provide support services for our clients, promptly answer the questions, and provide maximum information. We analyze the current market situation and provide recommendations to our clients, which allows them to maintain business profitability in any circumstances. 

Company Formation

Choosing the right legal form is a responsible task and requires a lot of knowledge and experience about each of the type of legal entity. Our team of experts has a lot of experience in this field and help with legal services on daily bases.

Get business registered

We provide company formation solutions in Croatia. Register a business with help of professionals that specializes in the business field and get to your goal faster.

You can incorporate various legal form in Croatia jurisdiction, like Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company, Branch Office, Holding Company and more. Each type of company is meant for a different purpose.

Limited Liability Company

We provide full assistance in Limited Liability company formation in Croatia, contact us and we will guide you through the process of registration.

Joint Stock Company

Our team of professionals has huge experience in registering Joint Stock Company in Croatia. Get in touch with us and submit your needs.


Other than JS and LLC, we help our clients to register various other legal forms like unlimited liability company, limited partnership, branch office.

Registration solutions

In Croatia, there are several things you can register like – company, legal address, trademark, virtual office, brand name, patent, intellectual property and so on. Registering something requires knowledge and experience especially when registering a business.

Click the button and see more information about registration solutions in Croatia. Register a business with professional assistance.

Doing business In Croatia

When businessmen choose which of the European countries open a company in, they often opt for Croatia. Croatia is a developed country with a stable economy and transparent legislation, the state creates the prerequisites for the successful implementation of profitable activities. The specialists of our company provide assistance in solving all organizational issues. Registration and maintenance of a company in Croatia are one of the priority directions in the work of our company.

Business solutions

Doing business in Croatia requires certain knowledge whether you want to set up, form, sell, or prepare your business. If you would like to learn more information about business in Croatia click the button below.

What is included in our Croatia company registration services?

  • Assistance in choosing the best type of company in accordance with your business and goals;
  • Consulting on what licenses are required for your business.
  • Opening a bank account for depositing the authorized capital;
  • Preparation of drafts of the Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • Registration of a company in Croatia;
  • Obtaining a certificate of registration, which is issued by the Register of Trade and Companies of Croatia;
  • Accounting for your company


We provide comprehensive support for your accounting activities – from setting up accounting from scratch to full-fledged maintenance of all accounting documents for your business. Provision of accounting services to enterprises of all organizational and legal forms of activity and individual entrepreneurs.

Get bookkeeping solutions

The specialists of our company will be happy to help you with bookkeeping in Croatia. We can offer clients all types of audit services including, financial reporting, management reports, and auditor’s reports, as well as give a consultation. Besides, our company provides consultations and highly qualified accounting services, on issues of legislation and taxation in Croatia.

Incorporate in Croatia jurisdiction

Since the very opening of our company, our main principle has been to work conscientiously. We help to organize the business for our clients, and we take responsibility for the decisions made. We always strive to become better and give more to our partners. More knowledge, more non-trivial solutions, more ways to maneuver. We carefully select the most effective forms of interaction with government agencies, and always improve it. We invite the best specialists to work and build up experience in related areas. The goal of our company is to offer affordable services to our clients with high quality.


Accelerate your business growth while we take care of everything else.