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Holding company in Croatia

A holding company in Croatia is a legal entity that has the power to regulate the management of other companies.
There are several advantages to opening a holding company over other types of companies:

  • Protection of the investor’s assets;
  • Lack of corporate income tax on annual net profit;
  • There is a double taxation treaty in Croatia, that quite convenient for foreign businesspersons;
  • Zero withholding tax on annual payments to shareholders;
  • Possibility to sell a Croatian subsidiary, legally minimizing capital gains;
  • To be able to attract funds, debt instruments, and private capital.

The Croatian holding company can also change and hire managers. The holding company does not manage the day-to-day operations of the Croatian companies it includes, but it still has the power to assess the performance of their business.

Setup a holding company

We will help you to open a holding company in Croatia, our specialists have extensive experience and knowledge about holdings companies. With us, the process of opening a holding will be simple and fast.

Procedure and requirements

According to the Companies Law, there are different types of holdings in Croatia that foreign businessmen can open:

Ultimate holding company – it has complete control over the subsidiaries and their assets. This type of holding company is usually owned by the individual owner of the group of legal entities and has employees supervising the activity of all companies under its control;

Intermediate holding company – it channels investments made by the controlled companies and has no staff or management activities;

Intellectual property holding company manages and holds the intellectual property assets, such as patents, trademarks and licenses;

Financial holding company holds stakes and assets in banks and other financial institutions. It is usually known as a bank holding company.


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Bank account​

After the successful founding of a company, we will help open a bank account in Croatia.


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Other types of companies

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Holding company registration


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